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A pop-up restaurant concept without limits.

An intimate dining experience that freely appears and vanishes in the heart of Los Angeles. Comprised of eight dishes, Dinner with Dres is a culinary experience based on chronological memories and emotions. We focus on an evolving tasting menu that is reinvented each season to showcase a particular time, event or vision.



An entirely private table for four guests served and hosted by Dres on our Skylounge balcony with spectacular views of Downtown Los Angeles.

*Reserve Wine Pairing upgrade now available.


An eight-course tasting menu with complimentary wine pairings focusing on

'L'Ovella Negra,' a culinary compilation of Dres' memories living in Barcelona as a music student. 

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Our Chef's Table at Dinner with Dres offers our most intimate experience yet. An entirely private dinner for four guests served and hosted by Dres on our Skylounge balcony with spectacular views of Downtown Los Angeles.

Upon arrival, you and your guests will be welcomed with a glass of champagne and directed to a private lounge prior to being seated. Each guest will enjoy our current tasting menu with domestic and international wines and beverages to pair with your dinner, or non-alcoholic home-made infusions as an alternative. Our 'Chef's Table' is the perfect setting for a double date, an intimate birthday celebration, an exclusive dinner experience with friends, or an impressive business dinner.

This is a prepaid reservation for parties of 4.

You now have the option to upgrade your table's wine experience to 'RESERVE WINE PAIRINGS' from acclaimed producers from around the globe. Complimentary standard wine pairing is still available at no additional charge.


Andres Dangond (Dres), was born and raised in Colombia. He graduated high school at the early age of 14 and began cooking at his parents’ restaurant. He moved from one kitchen to the next, tasting, and learning along the way. Although his passion was in food, at age 18, he left for Barcelona to attend music school with his best friend. While working at a winery and exploring restaurants in Spain, he realized cooking was what he really wanted to pursue professionally. He moved back to Bogotá and worked at several highly acclaimed restaurants in Colombia’s capital.

In 2009, Dres moved to Chicago seeking opportunities to learn from some of his culinary heroes.  After a long stage at 3 Star Michelin L2O with Chef Laurent Gras, and at Alinea with Chef Grant Achatz, Dres moved to Los Angeles to work as a consultant. During this time, Colombian media outlets recognized him as U.S. ambassador to Colombian cuisine.

He continued traveling and taking on different opportunities, from cooking in the Alaskan wilds to creating the recipes for the award-winning burger food truck, The Cut in 2014. Chef has since become a partner and opened the brick and mortar version in Irvine, CA. His unique ingredient combinations have garnered critical acclaim for The Cut, which is now recognized for ‘best burger’ and 'best brunch' in Southern California.

In early 2019, Dres launched his creative and highly emotional project, Dinner with Dres. A pop-up restaurant without limits, a culinary exploration on freedom.

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My culinary voice hopes to remind people that we are meant to be our true selves.

To encourage you to accept each other for who we are, not for who we are expected to be. Applauding our flaws, our past, our journey, and everything we stand for.  My concepts are based on the intrinsic freedoms I’ve allowed myself to take. I’ve challenged myself to deafen the externalities and focus on my unique voice; my life and my art are my own. The legacy I hope to build is one that inspires people, through food, to love themselves and to find wellness in the freedom and acceptance of living life on our own terms. Through my dishes, I share with you who I am, where I have been and where I am going. This is an intimate exploration about freedom and how we practice it because ultimately, the only freedom we ever know is the freedom we give ourselves.


We are all unique. And we should be, unapologetically free.



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